Mendolito dell'Etna

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What we do

Deeply in contact with nature and keeping itself uncontaminated, Mendolito’s Farm Company was born and resists as a fully biological and naturalistic reality.

Belonging for generations to our family, this little big patch of land offers the best and most typical fruits of this area: the bitter orange, characteristic for its endemicity, up to the variations that derive from it, such as the red sanguinello with an intense flavor. Sweet blond oranges, mandarins and lemons.
Our figs are amazing like the fruits of the typical prickly pears or the ancient taste of quince. All this fruit are daily transformed into fresh marmalade and jam in the day and with the exclusive use of brown sugar.
Lastly the extra virgin olive oil. Flavor and intense colors give proof of the genuineness of a product obtained with extremely rigorous processes by the cold pressing in the milling phase.

Not only...!

Our activity doesn’t stop only making of organic products.

From an old barn we have created a rustic ideal to accommodate families, tourists, travelers, or to organize events. Equipped with all the comforts the house is the perfect place for those seeking peace, backwoods in the countryside. And then the flagship: the Mendolito offers a seasonal outdoor pool (from May 1 until October 30, depending on weather conditions) with an amazing view on the Sicilian hinterland.
Appliances, WiFi, garden and of course free parking.

The Mendolito has an open-plan lounge area with two mezzanines, two bathrooms, two terraces, one of which has a barbecue station and a stone oven for cooking pizzas!

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Evo Oil, marmalade, honey and more...

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